Precision Manufacturing Solutions

Raydiance was formed when senior Defense Department officials introduced technology pioneer Barry Schuler to a DARPA project designed to miniaturize ultrafast lasers for military applications. Schuler immediately grasped the compelling capabilities of ultrafast lasers to remove material at sub micron dimensions with no damage to the target part. The technology could revolutionize manufacturing processes, provided it could be liberated from lab environments and transformed into precision manufacturing solution.

Femtosecond technology delivers a level of precision unmatched by any other laser material processing product. But it must be reliable enough for industrial settings, and configurable to create specific precision parts. Schuler brought together a world-class team to build the world’s first all fiber femtosecond laser architecture, and added software control to make it programmable for any material or part. And while Raydiance continues to lead the world in the development of all fiber femtosecond laser technology, we have seized the opportunity to be much more than a laser company.

Customers have manufacturing problems that need solutions, and a laser alone is not a solution. Recognizing this, Raydiance has expanded its capabilities to become a full precision manufacturing solutions provider. We have leveraged our deep experience with femtosecond laser processing to develop packaged solutions that address precision machining needs in the medical, industrial and consumer parts manufacturing markets, with more to come.

Though we continue to push the limits of technology, we know that process development experience, software innovation, and management of the pulse is equally as valuable. Raydiance packaged, factory-ready solutions instantly improves existing manufacturing processes and makes new product designs possible.

Want to learn more about Raydiance’s revolutionary femtosecond technology? Download the Primer on Precision Machining without Heat by clicking below.

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