R-Drill™ : Capture Production Savings By Drilling Special Shapes Faster Than Ever Before.

The Raydiance R-Drill enables precision parts with hole and shape features without post processing that include round holes, elliptical holes, square holes, positive and negative tapers, and micron-sized entrance and exit features. It also allows holes that alter the shape and profile from the top to the bottom of the part which was previously not possible.


  • Elliptical holes drilled with the R-Drill demonstrate enhanced geometrical flexibility.

  • Examples of positive and negative tapers illustrate Raydiance R-Drill precision capabilities.

  • Raydiance R-Drill all-laser capabilities expand the possibilities beyond a standard round hole to create customized, precision shapes.

  • Typical Raydiance R-Drill hole made in 1 second with 200 µm diameter and 250 µm thickness.