Automotive Technology

Raydiance pioneered the application of femtosecond laser technology to the design and production of gasoline direct injection (GDi) fuel injectors. We deliver ready-to-integrate manufacturing solutions for precision hole drilling with unmatched part-to-part consistency at lower cost per part.  GDi technologies make powerful engines possible, emitting up to 30% less greenhouse gases and other pollutants while maintaining engine performance.  Many teams on the Formula 1 and Indy Racing Circuits have turned to GDi. Some street models are available today that already comply with soon to be implemented European and U.S. emissions standards (EU6, US Tier III).

The key to successful use of GDi technology is tight control over the nozzle hole size that impacts the spray pattern of fuel and fuel droplet distribution into the combustion chamber. Unlike Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), the Raydiance R-Drill™ solution delivers unmatched part-to-part consistency as measured by flow consistency and spray pattern analysis.

Raydiance customers have used the R-Drill to produce over 6.8 million GDi nozzles to date.  Our expertise enables our customers to pioneer radical new GDi concepts.  The R-Drill process square holes, elliptical holes, and hole shapes, patterns and tapers proprietary to global auto parts producers.  Prototyping of these new concepts can now be completed in a matter of days versus the months it can take with EDM methods.

Typical Micro Hole Drilling Capabilities
Max Part-to-Part Flow Variation> 3%+< 1.5%
Drilling Speed / Hole10 Sec.< 1 Sec.
Takt Time / Nozzle (6 Hole)> 1 Minute< 12 Sec.
Surface QualityN/ARa < 0.2 µm
Diameter Variability~ 3 µm< 0.5 µm
Post ProcessingAFMNone
ConsumablesElectrodes, Flushing ChemicalsNone

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