Consumer Electronics

Raydiance offers the world’s first all-laser manufacturing solution for processing of Gorilla® glass, sapphire crystal, and other brittle materials used in mobile device displays of consumer electronics.

Conventional mechanical processing has become the bottleneck for innovation since it requires multiple processing steps, up to 40 individual steps, from scribing, coarse grinding and fine grinding to cleaning and polishing. These steps are time-consuming, expensive and may result in low end-to-end production yields.

In contrast, the Raydiance R-Cut™ solution enables one-step, all-laser processing for the production of display and cover glass used in cell phones, tablets, laptop computers, wearable technology and other electronic devices. Parts are produced at near perfect yield (99%) without the need for post processing and are free of micro-defects typical of mechanical methods. Manufacturers achieve significant reduction in process time and cost per part.

The system flexibility extends manufacturing capabilities across a broad range of consumer electronics applications, including:

  • Cover-glass fabrication of smartphones, phablets and tablets
  • Coupon processing of various cut-out shapes and interior feature processing
  • Programmable chamfer angles, radius chamfer and 2.5D chamfer
  • One-Glass-Solution (OGS), In-Touch and other integrated display technologies
  • 3D glass processing such as wearable devices, automotive parts
  • Sapphire crystal, Gorilla® Glass, sodalime glass and much more

A New Cost Paradigm

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