R-Drill™ Solutions

The Raydiance R-Drill™ solution is ideal for manufacturing intricate parts, such as GDi fuel injectors, because it creates precise micro holes in a single process to achieve part-to-part consistency that has enabled Raydiance customers to win new business and increase market share.

Industrial and medical device manufacturers capture production savings by drilling faster (<1 sec through 1.2 mm 316 SS) through thicker materials than ever before.

The R-Drill enables product parts with hole features — from perfectly round holes, elliptical holes, square holes, positive and negative tapers and micron-sized entrance and exit features to holes that alter shape and profile from the top to the bottom of the part — not previously possible without post processing.

Precision R-Drill Examples:

Eliminate months of iterative machine shop prototyping with Raydiance’s 24-hour print-to-part software. The all-laser precision manufacturing solutions combine femtosecond laser technology with Raydiance’s materials processing expertise and application-specific software.

  • Hole Drilling Time: ~1 second per hole
  • Hole Diameter: 60 µm to 500 µm
  • Diameter Tolerance: ~1 µm
  • Material Thickness: ~1.3 mm
  • Hole Drilling Angle: 0 to 50°
  • Diameter Repeatability (st. dev): <0.5%
  • Taper Angle Range: Positive & negative to 10°
  • Hole Circularity: >95%
  • Hole Sidewall Surface Quality: Ra<1µm

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