Uncompromising Precision Manufacturing


Femtosecond lasers—where light is pulsed in quadrillionth of second increments—can be programmed to instantly vaporize specific materials. The light hits the material so quickly that there is no time for the material to absorb heat and the laser’s target vanishes as an invisible cloud of charged particles. The result is uncompromising precision manufacturing–a process that can create specific shapes and contours and no damage to the target part. Raydiance has developed the control software that defines the target material and its physical properties for particle removal, and accurately guides the laser to form exact geometries and dimensions.

Raydiance founders recognized the potential of this technology to revolutionize industries. The ability to machine materials with no heat, often called “athermal ablation,” makes new designs possible, and the fact that femtosecond lasers can create finished parts in a single manufacturing process promises a dramatically streamlined fabrication system. The Raydiance team of femtosecond laser technical experts have developed a table-top sized system that realizes that promise and is hard at work in factories around the world cutting costs, improving yields and accelerating new product development.