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Femtosecond Lasers and Beam Modules

Raydiance sells industrial-grade femtosecond laser solutions adopted by high volume manufacturing customers worldwide. Each laser is fully programmable with optimized operating regimes for the most advanced micromachining applications. Raydiance femtosecond lasers incorporate comprehensive, remote support capabilities and demonstrate market-leading reliability and uptime.

Raydiance engineers have designed and optimized beam delivery modules that are tailored to the customer’s application. They enable superior micromachining performance and quality. The beam modules are reliable and ensure predictable laser machining results.

Raydiance beam modules include optics, scan heads and controllers that are optimized and programmed by Raydiance prior to delivery to assure superior performance with our femtosecond lasers.

What is a Femtosecond Laser?

Our Precision Machining Without Heat white paper explains all.

Request full specifications and operating regime information.

Raydiance’s Laser Specifications: R-300™ versus R-200™


Wavelength:1552 nm1552 nm
Energy per pulse:Up to 100 µJUp to 80 µJ*
Pulse width:< 500 fs< 800 fs
Repetition rate: 1 Hz to 1 MHz60 kHz to 1 MHz*
Average power: Up to 15 WUp to 10 W
Peak power:> 150 MW> 50 MW
Beam diameter:6 mm ± 10%3.8 mm
Beam divergence:< 1 milliradian< 1 milliradian
Beam profile:M2 < 1.4TEM00, M2 < 1.4
Polarization:Linear ( > 100:1) verticalLinear (> 100:1) horizontal
Operating voltage:220V AC: 217-230V AC100V AC: 100-121V AC 220V AC: 217-230V AC
Line frequency:50/60 Hz50/60 Hz
Power consumption:< 3 kW< 3 kW
System weight:57 kg57 kg
Operational temperature:15º to 35º C18º to 26º C