Our Technology

Raydiance Software and Support

Raydiance software and support is key to deliver the lowest cost of ownership, superior return on investment, and high customer satisfaction. Raydiance solutions are highly flexible and require minimal support

The change over from one part to another is as simple as loading new software commands to the master controller which can be done in a few hours. This is in contrast to traditional manufacturing (EDM or CNC) where changes in mechanical processes can take days and require tool changes on multiple pieces of equipment.

Raydiance develops highly specialized software for customers who require rapid transfer of new part designs to production.   The Raydiance Solution Engine (RSE) takes a new part design from Solidworks or other CAD programs and directly translates it to control commands for the laser solution. Customers can load the software and immediately start manufacturing new parts.

Our customers gain real quality and cost data within 24 hours on running new parts on their machines. The prototyping and application development time has been reduced from months to hours. This allows them to win new business with higher confidence.

Our customers have the option to transmit operating data to Raydiance for continuous monitoring of laser performance. When issues do arise, 80% of the issues are diagnosed remotely and locally repaired to minimize downtime. Raydiance maintains spare parts globally and has field service personnel who provide direct service if needed.