R-200 Technical Specifications

The Raydiance R-200 precision femtosecond laser is fully software controlled and packaged in a compact, ruggedized ultra reliable fiber architecture. The R-200 performs heatless, or athermal ablation of any material, from heat-sensitive bioabsorbable polymers to ultra brittle mobile device display glass, and does it twice as fast. Athermal ablation allows manufacturers to create finished precision parts in a single step with accuracy no other laser can match, dramatically reducing production time and costs.

R-200 Technical Specifications

    • Wavelength: 1552 nm
    • Energy per pulse: Up to 80µJ*
    • Pulse width: < 800 fs
    • Repetition rate: 60 kHz to 1 MHz*
    • Average power: Up to 10 W
    • Peak power: > 50 MW
    • Beam diameter: 3.8 mm
    • Beam divergence: < 1 milliradian
    • Beam profile: TEM00, M2 < 1.4
    • Polarization: Linear (> 100:1) horizontal
    • Operating voltage: 100 V AC: 100-121 vAC
      220V AC: 217-230 V AC
    • Line frequency: 50/60 Hz
    • Power consumption: < 3 kW
    • System weight: 57 kg
    • Operational temperature: 18-26 deg C

* Custom regime may be required.

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