Consumer Precision Manufacturing


You may not think about display glass often, but if you’re like most people you look at it frequently each day—on your phone, TV, and computer display. Cover glass, especially the chemically strengthened glass on smart phones and tablets, is extremely brittle and difficult to cut without breaking it. Yields for mobile device cover glass manufacturing are known to be about 50 percent.

It’s also a very slow and costly process. A typical display cover might go through some 40 steps of cutting, grinding, polishing, lapping, and washing, with multiple physical inspections in between. And that’s just for the perimeter cuts. Most display glass is also chamfered and needs feature cutouts (speaker, home button) cut out as well, which repeats the cut-grind-polish-lap-wash routine two more times.

Raydiance precision consumer products manufacturing solutions can cut a smartphone or tablet display in seconds in a single process by removing the glass material at specific dimensions with no damage to the screen. The laser simply circles the prescribed pattern, vaporizing the target very quickly, until the glass separates. No further processing is needed. And the same Raydiance solution can create the chamfer and feature holes—all in all creating parts 10 times faster than the previous method, with yields higher than 97 percent.

Raydiance precision consumer products manufacturing solutions have caught the attention of mobile device giant Samsung, an investor in the company, who sees the potential of the technology to make current products better while also enabling new products. “The demand for smaller, smarter devices continues to grow,” said Jay Chong, investment director at Samsung Ventures. “Raydiance solutions have the potential to significantly improve existing manufacturing processes and to enable exciting new products.”

In addition to glass cutting, Raydiance solutions can be used in additional consumer products applications including pixel repair for flat panel LED displays; luxury goods identification, where the laser is able to write below the surface of the product without jeopardizing its structural integrity, creating a unique ID that cannot be removed or altered; and cutting of the intricate gears on precision time pieces.

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