Industrial Precision Manufacturing

Governments worldwide are asking automakers to deliver vehicles with better mileage and lower emissions. Automakers turn to their OEM partners for answers—how to get more miles (and less pollution) out of a gallon of fuel. One exciting avenue is more precise Gas Direct injector (GDi) fuel injectors. Researchers found that by tightly controlling the injector spray pattern and fuel droplet size, they could achieve much lower emissions by burning less fuel to achieve the same engine performance. The problem? The design could not be manufactured with existing industrial precision manufacturing systems.

“The U.S., in particular, is looking for a 50 percent reduction in CO2 emissions in the coming years,” Dr. John Kirwan, chief scientist at Delphi Automotive Systems’ Gas Engine Management Systems and Powertrain Products division, said in an interview. “GDi is one of the technologies that will enable that, but it requires much greater precision than what is currently available with today’s benchmark process.”

The U.S. Department of Energy issued a grant to Delphi Automotive, to use Raydiance technology to solve this problem—to develop a new generation of gas direct fuel injectors. The Raydiance R-Drill solution is at the center of this research. The R-Drill creates ultra precise micro holes in a single process, reaching the target geometries of GDi designs quickly and accurately. The speed and finish of the products eliminate post processing steps, improves part consistency and ensures the specified flow rates and spray control.

Not only do the new injectors improve fuel efficiency and reach emissions targets, by eliminating the chemical and mechanical finishing steps required by previous drilling systems, the manufacturing process itself uses 25 percent less energy.

The ultra precise Raydiance industrial precision manufacturing solution creates better, more consistent parts that cost 25 percent less to produce, and it delivers better performance than what was previously possible. With this solution, the manufacturer has gained a competitive advantage over other parts makers, and opened new revenue streams.

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